Ice Cream

This is a story written by a new slave of mine who seems to have a great deal of interest in my main slave, Ashlie. While many girls might be intimidated by Ashlie and do such foolish things as try to belittle her in subtle ways...the best way into my heart is to adore her and want to fuck her just as much as I do.   

Anyway, she sent me this story so I am publishing it here, with her permission:

I'm at home just a typical day, got the tunes on cleaning up and getting ready to make meat loaf n mashed tatters for supper but I keep getting distracted by thoughts of you, your delicious body, your cock and I find myself standing in the kitchen running my hands down my neck to my tits squeezing my nipples.

'No, Im not to please myself without permission' I think and I get back to peeling potatoes for supper. But again my thoughts go to you alone in the shower stroking your cock as I watch hidden from view  behind the door rubbing my clit, watch you sliding your hand up and down your cock not knowing I'm watching you. Mmmm  and I cant resist any longer, I get up wash my hands and head down the hall.

I walk into the bedroom take my panties and bra off and slide onto the bed. Laying on my back I close my eyes, slide my hand up and tease my nipple while sliding my other hand down to my hairless pussy across my clit barely touching it just softly tracing all around up and down. I'm getting wet, I rub my clit a little harder moving my hips side to side wanting to feel your cock slide into me. I open my legs wide and slap my clit a few times. Mmmm I love that. I slide a finger in my pussy moaning, in and out gently, then back to my clit rubbing it harder I slide both hands up to my tits squeeze my nipples while pressing my legs together... I want you. 

I open my legs again and start to slide my hand back down to my pussy when I feel fingers gently tracing up my thigh. My eyes fly open and I see you standing there smiling, you continue up my thigh to my bare pussy teasing my clit as you lean on the bed. I lay back and moan as you slide your finger in my wet pussy. "Mmmm yes baby." 

You start licking my clit while sliding your finger in and out driving me crazy, I start moving my hips with you wanting to cum but you slow down. 

'Don't stop now babe' you command sternly.

You start kissing around my pussy then my hips up my stomach you lick my nipples teasing me still with your fingers. You kiss my neck then whisper, 'I don't recall giving you permission to touch yourself' as you slide your finger out trailing it up my body to my lips making me taste myself.

"I'm sorry Sir, I couldn't help myself' I plead, but I cant look at you I know I'm in trouble.

You get off the bed.  'Into the position, worthless cunt', you say as a matter of fact and you head to the closet. 

I get up off the bed and lay on my stomach on the floor and cross my arms and legs behind me. You kneel beside me and I can feel the silk rope slip around my hands up around my arms binding me tight. You help me up on my knees so i can sit back on my feet my arms behind me unable to move.

'You see what happens when you touch when not permitted, now you cant touch anything'.  

You walk around the bed looking at me a hint of a smirk on your lips.

'You will not be permitted to have an orgasm until I say,  do you understand?'

I look up at you and nod my head yes. You pull your shirt over your head and come stand in front of me. Fuck all I want to do is reach up and touch your chest but I cant, you undo your pants slide them down your hips and step out of them kicking them to the side. You take your hard cock and start to stroke it gently..oh fuck no!! I start to struggle I want to touch you so bad.  You pull my head back with your other hand as you continue to slide your hand up and down your cock.

'You want to touch me, you worthless cunt?'

I nod yes and lean up on my knees.

'Spread your cunt wide open' you say as you grab my hair.

I open my mouth and you slide your cock in as I wrap my lips around you and start sucking, you place your hands on my head and slide your cock in and out slow and deep long strokes pumping your hips. You pull your cock out and stroke it again a few times driving me crazy, then slide it back into my cunt going deeper feeling my lips and tongue wrap around your cock in and out you slide in faster deeper. You pull out again and pull me to my feet telling me to get on the bed. I kneel on the bed my head down on the bed my ass in the air my hands still tied behind me you grab my hips and slide your cock inside my dripping wet pussy. You slide it in slow and deep pausing then sliding all the way out to the tip then back in again long slow deep stokes.  MMMmmm! I push up against you wanting to feel you so deep inside me.

'Do NOT cum' you say fiercely. 

You start pumping faster going deeper harder grabbing hold of the rope around my arms you push into me hard, in and out then your pulling your cock out and I can feel your hot cum all over my ass and lower back as you empty yourself all over me. You slowly release your hold on me and lay beside me on the bed pulling the hair away from  my face.

"You will have to wait for yours",  you say and slide your hands down my back and release my arms rubbing them for me as I stretch out. "Now get in the kitchen and finish supper, I'm hungry." 

I get up clean myself off and slip your t-shirt on, 'Yes Sir' I turn and head to the kitchen.

I get supper ready and set the table as you come out wearing just a pair of PJ bottoms looking so sexy you take your seat at the table. I serve you then sit down and we enjoy our dinner. After you head outside for a smoke while I clear the table and clean up. I'm standing at the sink when you come up behind me and whisper, "What do you have planned for dessert?'

I turn and look up at you, 'I haven't made anything but I think we have some ice cream." 

I start to turn and you take my hands pulling me over to the table you lift me up onto the table and placing your hands on each side of my face you lean down and kiss me soft and gentle. 

"I think I want you for dessert!"

You sit down on the chair in front of me and place your hands on my legs spreading them apart. You look at me. "I want you to touch yourself for me" you say confident that I will eagerly obey. 

I lean back lift my legs up placing my feet on the edge of the table spreading my legs open. I run my hand down to my pussy gently tracing my fingers around my pussy lips, rubbing my clit all the time keeping my eyes locked on yours. I slide my finger in and out slowly then back to my clit. Mmmmmm I lean my head back and start rubbing slowly and I feel your tongue lick my pussy sliding in between my lips as I tease my clit. You slide your tongue up pushing my finger out of the way and flick my clit a few times before covering my pussy with your mouth and sucking my clit sliding your tongue all around, I push my hips up against your mouth feeling your tongue crush against my clit back and forth. 

"Oh baby! I want you to fuck me!' I beg.

You stand up slipping your pants down wrapping my legs around you, you slide your hard cock deep inside burying yourself in my warm, wet, hairless pussy.

You lick your finger and start rubbing  my clit as you slide your cock in and out hard and fast
slamming into me again and again. You feel me getting tighter, I arch my back as you hold my hips slamming your cock in my pussy and I cum all over your cock. You keep fucking me harder faster over and over I reach down and start rubbing my clit feeling myself cum again as you thrust your cock inside me and cum, pulsing and throbbing inside me.

"Thank you Sir, for my pleasure, I promise to never touch again without your permission," I say as you pull me up and kiss me.

"Next time I won't be so nice. You know your rules. Don't force me punish you, you worthless slut. I should be punishing you mostly because I am a sick bastard who enjoys it."

You pull your cock out of me and pull your pants up. After helping me off the table, you give me a smack on the ass and head to the couch saying, "I'll take that ice cream now!"

Cucky Cleanup

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